Why Have Hot Stone Therapy?

For those who have had the pleasure of receiving Hot Stone Therapy they know the kind of deep and lasting relaxation it can provide. But did you know that it also provides other benefits other than relaxation? Hot Stone therapy is a technique of therapy that uses smooth heated stones Such as river stones or [...]

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Get Yourself a “Man” Beard

OUR BEARDS ARE BEST!!! It's extremely sexy to have a beard these days... but that doesn't mean it should be unkept and uncared for. (that my friend is extremely UN SEXY!! ) It just so happens that we specialize in beard grooming, conditioning and styling. we are also working on a full line of smoothing [...]

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Laser and Grey Hair

CAN GREY HAIR BE LASERED? The easy and correct answer to this question is NO. Grey hair is absent of any pigment… laser only works on hair that contains melonin (pigment). Laser hair removal does not work on hair that is red or blonde for the same reason. If you have been told by laser [...]

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Tend Skin

TEND SKIN DOES IT REALLY WORK? The answer to this is very simple. YES , YES, YES. This product is like magic in a bottle. The majority or our clients that undergo waxing, shaving or even laser hair removal use this product and they always attest that it works very well. HOW DOES IT WORK? [...]

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Winter is Approaching…

One of the biggest complaints with the cold weather is dry, itchy skin. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to exfoliate and moisturize. A Full Body Scrub will help address this issue. The Full Body Scrub starts with polishing the skin to smoothness using finely grounded volcanic rock mixed with a [...]

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Pedicures aren’t just for Girls

I often hear men tell me they do not want to have a pedicure because it’s too "girly." Gentleman, it is ok for you to have a pedicure. It is not just for ladies. A pedicure is essential to the health and care of your feet... don't worry, we won't paint your toes. Think of [...]

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