Laser Facial Treatment Services for Men in Calgary

Kick up your Facial Treatment a Notch or Two!

An effective, non-invasive treatment for all types of skin. No downtime, feels great. Will reduce the size of large pores, decrease facial veins, improve skins texture, tightens skin. 6-8 treatments recommended.

Laser Facial Treatments Calgary

Laser Facial Treatments Options and Pricing

The Laser Facial Rejuvination Treatment – $175 per treatment

Package of 5 Treatments for Price of 4 – $700
May be added to both The Facial and The Quickie Facial for $110 per Treatment

Collagen and elastin make up the support structure in our skin. As we age, that support structure weakens, forming wrinkles. Laser revitalization treatment uses powerful laser technology to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production

The Laser Acne Treatment – $150 per Treatment

Package of 5 Treatments for the Price of 4 – $600

This non-invasive laser treatment is great for non-cystic acne, skin bumps, black heads and blemishes. No downtime. 6-8 treatments are recommended.

* Full face assessment and consultation may be required prior to the above treatments.