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Laser Hair Removal Services for Men in Calgary

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective, permanent hair removal treatment when it is preformed by well trained, experienced practitioners.

A private, complimentary consultation is required to assess both the hair and skin types before treatments are preformed. This will optimize your treatment results. In many cases, this may be done at the same time as your appointment for treatment. Two sessions are not always required to get started.

Not everyone is a great candidate for laser hair removal. It does not work on non-pigmented hair. This includes many tones of red, grey and blonde hair. Treatments are effective on all skin colors including darker skin types, with the exception of deeply tanned patients despite the hair color. These patients may have varied results.

Laser hair removal treatments can be purchased on an individual treatment basis. Alternately, it is our recommendation, for optimum results we recommend treatment packages purchased initially.

There will be minor discomfort during treatments. The technology we use at Man Calgary allows us to emit -4° cold air into the skin along with each laser pulse. This provides soothing comfort and allows us to set energy levels at the highest, safest settings for your skin type.

Book your laser hair removal appointment

50% off all Laser Hair Removal Packages

Laser Hair Removal Quick Facts

  • Laser hair removal gets rid of ingrown hairs and unsightly red bumps on the skin
  • There is no downtime when undergoing laser hair removal treatments
  • There will be slight redness after each treatment and the hair follicles will be dilated
  • There is little to no after care following treatments. Patients should not expose treated areas to the sun for 48 hours afterwards
  • Virtually any body part can be safely treated for hair reduction, even the beard and genitals
  • It takes approximately the same amount of treatment session time to wax the selected body part as to laser it
  • Immediately after laser hair treatment, the skin will not feel as smooth as after a waxing treatment but within a week or two, results will be much better than waxing
  • It takes approximately, 2 weeks for the effectively treated hair follicle to fall out
  • Treating men’s hair with laser is usually much different than treating women’s. Men usually have much thicker, deeper and denser hair follicles. A man’s skin is also thicker. For optimal results, verify that your practitioner has experience treating men’s hair

Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness is Dependent Upon Many Factors. These Include but are Not Limited to:

Type of laser equipment

There are many types of laser devices. It is very important to do research and ask many questions at your initial consultation. At Man Calgary, we use only top grade medical lasers. Presently, we use Cynosure, ND Yag and Alexandrite lasers for excellent results.

Technicians experience

Our laser practitioners are highly trained, skilled and are experts at treating men’s hair. We pride ourselves in top-notch service.

Number of treatments

It can take up to 10 treatments to achieve preferred results. Each area of the body requires a different number of treatments. Every patient’s results will vary somewhat.

Timing between treatments

It is important to follow the advice of your laser technician in regards to timing on your treatments. At first, you will need treatments closer together. As the hair thins out, the time between treatments will be longer.

Combining cutting-edge technology with traditional depilatory methods

Combination therapies may be required for best results. At Man Calgary we often perform waxing treatments between laser treatments. Our experience is that when the two therapies are combined, the results are excellent.

*PLEASE NOTE* Written parental consent is required for patients under the age of 18.

Laser Hair Removal Options and Pricing

Prices below are based on one treatment only. Additional treatments may be purchased in packages. For excellent results, patients may require eight or more treatments depending on the area of the body that is treated.

Full Back and Shoulders – $650

Chest and Stomach – $650

Full Legs – $800

Half Legs | Upper – $500 Lower – $300

Full Arms – $600

Half Arms – $300

MANzillian – $400

Grooming Package  – $300

Outer Nose – $75

Brows – $150

Hands – $100

Feet – $100

Buttocks – $250

Under Arms – $150

Ears – $100