Full Body Shaving and Trimming for Men in Calgary

Trimming and shaving are a great alternative to waxing and laser for those men who do not want to experience any discomfort and would just like a quick no-hair look.

We provide a no mess, no hassle, quick fix treatment at Man Calgary. We offer full body trimming and shaving.

A full body can be treated in approximately 1-2 hours.

Ingrown hairs and bumps can be a side effect of shaving or trimming. Our expert staff will advise you of recommended after care and products to use that will minimize these side effects.

Our body shave treatments are a wet shave approach for a very close shave resulting in very smooth skin.

If trimming is your choice of treatment, we use only top grade professional hair trimmers that will not cut the skin. These trimmers cut the hair in a very uniform fashion for the ultimate groomed look.

Trimming and shaving are cost effective, low risk, instant solutions to unwanted body hair.

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Full Body Shaving Calgary

Shaving and Trimming Options and Pricing

Trimming Options

Chest and Stomach Trim – $40

Back Trim – $40

Arms and Hands Trim – $50

Full Legs Trim – $60

Half Legs Trim – $40

Buttocks Trim – $25

Half Arms Trim – $25

Under Arms Trim – $15

Full Body Trim – $300

Shaving Options

Under Arms Shave – $25

Full Arms Shave – $60

Half Arms Shave – $40

Chest and Stomach Shave – $65

Back Shave – $65

Full Legs Shave – $100

Half Legs Shave – $60

Buttocks Shave – $50

Manzillian Shave – $120

Full Body Shave – $500