The easy and correct answer to this question is NO.

Grey hair is absent of any pigment… laser only works on hair that contains melonin (pigment). Laser hair removal does not work on hair that is red or blonde for the same reason. If you have been told by laser professionals that laser will work on these hair colors you are being lied to… DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY… AND I HOPE YOU READ THIS BEFORE YOU INVEST.

But don’t worry!! Just bc you have hair on your head that lacks pigment does not mean that the rest of your body hair is the same. It is common for body hair to be dark. If the skin is light and the hair is brown or dark brown the hair can be effectively lasered.

Each area that is to be treated should be assessed separately for its color and texture. Even if you do have some grey hair, the dark hair, can be lasered and the grey hair can be waxed very effectively after. There is usually a very small ratio of grey hair in comparison to dark so the results will still be great.