I often hear men tell me they do not want to have a pedicure because it’s too “girly.”

Gentleman, it is ok for you to have a pedicure. It is not just for ladies. A pedicure is essential to the health and care of your feet… don’t worry, we won’t paint your toes. Think of it as looking after your feet and not just a luxury treatment.

Think about how much our feet do for you and how often you are on them; walking, working out, dancing, climbing, running… You get the idea.

They need some love as well and yet, so often they are neglected.

Neglected feet can lead to many types of foot disorders that are very unappealing as well as painful.
For example, corns, warts, excessive cracking, athletes foot and fungus of the toenails to mention just a few!

Pedicures and foot care need to be done regularly to help keep these problems in check. The more often it is done, the healthier your feet will be.

Pedicures not only clean up your nails as a part of nail care, but the feet are soaked, scrubbed and filed to a smooth surface. A foot and lower leg massage moisturizes the skin and promotes relaxation and an increase in circulation to the entire area.

If you are a little shy about the nail care don’t worry, you can still pamper your feet with a Power Soak/Massage. This is a relaxing treatment and helps to revive sore, tired feet.

All of our nail and foot care services are preformed in the comfort of a private treatment room. Don’t worry people wont even know you’ve had one.

If you have not had the pleasure of receiving a foot treatment before, come see us and have a Power Soak/Massage or a Pedicure and step back out into the world feeling more refreshed.