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ViaSure Shockwave technology can treat erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance issues, such as:

Research shows that 40% of men experience some level of ED by the age of 40, and that percentage increases with every decade, by extrapolation, by the age of 50, half of males experience some difficulty.

  • Inability to achieve an erection

  • Unable to maintain an erection

  • Decreased sensation and pleasure

  • Difficulty maintaining firmness

  • Vascular related Erectile Disfunction is caused by 2 main factors that occur naturally with age: Reduced blood flow to the penis Loss of smooth muscle cells (fibrosis) preventing venous occlusion during an erection.

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ViaSure shockwave technology is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free way to treat men’s sexual health issues.

There’s no question that sexual health is a critical yet sensitive topic for men that can spill over into romantic relationships and other areas of life. However, traditional pharmaceutical solutions for ED aren’t for everyone.

Many men who want to maintain stamina, spontaneity, and performance prefer to address the root cause of their ED rather than take pills. Often it is a reduction in blood flow or fibrosis that causes erections to become softer or not last. In these cases, addressing the circulation changes and connective tissue dysfunction can help men target underlying issues and lead to lasting improvements.

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The latest technology for non-invasive ED treatment.

Cynosure’s ViaSure is the only ED treatment device that uses patented SoftWave technology to deliver consistent shockwave energy to stimulate your body’s natural healing response. Acoustic shockwave energy activates angiogenesis for the repair and regeneration of new blood vessels to increase the proliferation of smooth muscle cells and elasticity. Better blood flow boosts performance without the need for drugs, surgery, or downtime.

ViaSure’s SoftWave™ Technology provides a safe and effective procedure to improve vascular related erectile function, restoring spontaneity in patients’ lives and improved intimacy

  • Increases blood flow without drugs or surgery

  • Effective and safe alternative to medication without side effects

  • Is well-tolerated, with minimal to no pain

  • Is a safe alternative or adjunct to medication

  • Is non-invasive – no downtime

  • Is a quick, 15-30 minute in office treatment

  • Even suitable for patients who do not respond to PDE-5-inhibitors

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